Elemint Creative is a boutique design studio offering the full suite of graphic design services to the global market. We are professional and creative using our exquisite taste and expertise to deliver superior projects within our client’s time frames and their allocated budgets.

As a design studio with big ideas, our fresh and involved approach allows us to focus on each and every project, as well as the people behind them. We believe the key to client satisfaction is our ability to listen and then produce work that meets – and exceeds – our clients’ visual communication needs. Elemint prides itself on excellence, so our clients can reap the benefits of their investment whether from a new website or a corporate profile. Most importantly, our returning client base and ‘word-of-mouth’ clientele is solid proof of the reputation we have built in the market. We’d love to deliver the same service to you.

Recent projects designed & developed

We offer the following services:


We believe your logo should be a visual representation of your company ethos, values and areas of expertise. It should also embrace every purpose – from a website, to signage, to your personal business card.


Nowadays a website is the main touch point of any organisation for potential and existing clients. Elemint’s websites are not only aesthetic, but serve a variety of aims from sharing information to communicating new developments.

Corporate Identity & Stationery

A corporate identity should be as specific and unique as an individual’s personality. Our corporate identities and stationery start to tell the story before the audience even begins to read the words.

Publications, Magazines & Books

Any full-length publication needs to be consistent, lively and attention-grabbing but not so much so that reader’s eyes get tired from too much detail. Elemint knows how to balance images, text and headlines a way that keeps readers reading.

Newsletters & Company Profiles

Newsletters and company profiles are the front face of a department or business. We establish your target market, goals and message and let these important factors guide our designs.

Events & Branding

Whether for large-scale events or smaller ones, you want to communicate visually through your signage, banners and exhibition stands. If you can’t speak to every person you’re targeting, we design branding that speaks for you.


Putting your business in the spotlight requires just the right amount of visual flair to keep audiences hooked the whole way through. We take care of this so you can concentrate on communicating your message.

Social Media

In the digital age of communication and networking, you can’t afford not to have a social media presence. We will take care of your digital presence in the fast-pacing world of Social Media with strategic and targeted campaigns.

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